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“A funeral is not a day in a lifetime, it is a lifetime in a day”
Coffin & Casket Floral Tributes
Carefully selected arrangements of classically beautiful funeral flowers for your loved one. Normally the main floral tribute is delivered directly to the funeral director and will travel with the deceased on their final journey.
Devotion Coffin Tribute Devotion from £200
Peace Coffin Tribute Peace from £195
Reflections Coffin Tribute Reflections from £150
Cherish Coffin Tribute Cherish from £175
Embrace Coffin Tribute Embrace from £165
Treasure Coffin Tribute Treasure from £95
Harmony Coffin Tribute Harmony from £175
Tenderness Coffin Tribute Tenderness from £165
Affection Coffin Tribute Affection from £75
Everlasting Coffin Tribute Everlasting from £175
Adorned Heart Coffin Tribute Adorned Heart Tribute £700

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